Our Story


VELOMOUNTS™ was founded by a group of avid cyclists in Northern California to help riders everywhere safely use the technology in personal devices like smart phones and watches to stay connected and monitor fitness data while riding.  With Fitness apps and technology like GPS and Bluetooth now built in to most of these devices, cyclists no longer need to purchase or maintain a separate device to capture and measure workout data like heart rate distance, speed and power.  VELOMOUNTS™ goal is to provide a convenient and safe mounting solution that allows riders to access the existing technology designed to enhance the cycling experience and promote personal fitness while riding a bike.

The company has designed a rugged and protective bike mount designed specifically for the Apple Watch©. Since its introduction, the Apple Watch© has proven to be a great companion for the cyclist. The series 1 watch collects heart rate data while off the wrist using a Bluetooth HRM like Wahoo Fitness TICKR.  Even more so with the introduction of the Series 2 with built in GPS and a brighter screen, the device now works with apps like Strava™ without need to be paired with a phone.   Recent compatisons indicate the accuracy is comparable with more expensive devices like Garmon Fenix 3 or Wahoo’s Element .  The biggest drawback is wearing the watch on your wrist while riding.  That’s where VELOMOUNTS™ comes making it easy to access the screen and crown WHILE you ride!

Not a “one size fits all”  hack – our mount was designed for Apple Watch© ONLY – to protect and hold the device securely on the roughest trails your bike can handle.  We have tested the design on road bikes and mountain bikes, collecting and analysing GPS,  Heart Rate and ride data from the Apple Watch© on hundreds of rides and races..   Whether you are commuting, training or XC racing.  We are confident our bike mount offers the protection and security your Apple Watch© deserves.