Q: Will this bike mount work with my 38mm Apple Watch?
A: Yes! We now offer a version of our bike mount for the 38mm Apple Watch Series 1,2 and 3.

Q: What type of handlebar do I need for this product to work?
A: Our bike mount was designed to fit a handlebar that is 31.8mm diameter where it connects to your stem.  If you are not sure, check the specs for your handlebar from the manufacturer.   We sell an adapter for 25.4mm diameter handlebar on the website.

Q: How does the watch record heart rate and track my fitness if it is not attached to my wrist?
A: To capture Heart Rate info you will need to purchase a bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor (like Wahoo Fitness or Polar).

Q: The screen goes into sleep mode so how can I check my stats?
A: Push the crown one time to wake up your apple watch. The watch will stay awake for a max of 70 secs.

Q: How is my ride data recorded?
A: You need to be running an app like Strava (recommended). Series 2 and 3 apple watch have built-in GPS that records your route, distance, speed, elevation which can be synched with your phone when you return. Ride data can also be set up to be shared with other Fitness apps and record your cycling activities.

Q: How long will the battery last while my watch is in the mount?
A: This depends on how much charge you start with and a variety of other factors like how often you wake the screen, take calls, answer text messages or receive notifications. Our testing indicates that with a full charge you will have no problem completing a 2-3 hour ride or race.

Q: Do I need to take my phone when I ride?
A: Only if you have a Series 1 Apple Watch, Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 will work without your phone.